Journal of a Struggling Mind #5

grief 5

Why is it


Everything is right with the world

My life

Seems like it’s

Running on empty?

In a field of growth

I am starving

And the sunlight

Doesn’t nurture

But burns all

And destroys any trace

Or semblance

Of happiness…

This is all

On the nature of Daylight

And the response

Of those who listen

Which is no one.

Max Richter – On The Nature of Daylight

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It came in the night as all great destruction should:
Incendiary, yet arctic…
Lighting up the night sky like Dresden.
Ancient architecture, beautiful in the sun,
Now razed by the power of A single moment.

There will be no reprieve;
This will burn for a lifetime.
And all I’m given is an empty apology
A treatise on my own failures…
And inside only one phrase echoes:

So it goes.

The View from my Desk

Cynicism is a dangerous ailment
Bent on destroying any hope of human compassion
And yet, I ascribe to this belief more emphatically than any other
Simply because I’ve lost sight of good people

It’s a vicious circle
A vacuous cycle
A spiral from which I may never recover
I wish I could go back to that person I was when I was younger.

Eddie Vedder said it best…
“So this is what it’s like to be an adult. If I only knew now what I knew then. ”

If only…